Monday, April 19, 2010

Fluke 2010

Fluke 2010 was awesome.

Chew and I left Columbus at 5:30 A.M. and arrived in Athens just before nine. We grabbed some coffee and decided to scope out the new Fluke location and saw that people were already lined up to rent tables. We rushed back to the car to grab our stuff and stand in line. The doors opened just a little before 11 A.M. and the line kept growing and growing. There is no way the old location at Tasty World would have been able to hold that many artists. The hall in Cine (Athen's indy theater) was just big enough. There was a bar and the coffee and beer started flowing at noon.

Chew and I did suprisingly well. Everyone who bought a copy of Flex Fantastic last year, picked up book II, which was exciting. Chew sold a lot of Hairball and Neutrino Valley.

Several friends of ours made the trip to Athens. Orion rented a table and premiered two of his comics. Roger picked up his friend Steve from Atlanta and arrived around noon.

The day went by quickly and we met a lot of people and hopefully, made some new friends. Fluke wrapped up around 6 P.M. We hooked up with our Columbus Posse and headed out to grab some dinner. We laughed, drank - discussed the new Doctor Who, Blake's 7 and B movies - and ate Thai. It was a 20 hour day and the trip home took forever but it was one of the best days I've had ... and from talking with Chew, I know he feels the same.

I just wanted to thank everyone who came out to see us. If you're new to this blog, please check out our ealier postings (starting at April 2009) for Carnage Cream/How ah met you Muddah. Please leave a comment. We'd love to hear from you!

Thank you, Patrick Dean, for throwing such a great event. Fluke rocks.

Special thanks again to Kennis, our unnofficial third member, for printing our books. Because of him, we were able to pass our savings on to everyone who bought a book this year.

And special thanks to Roger. You've just been made Globster Press Fan Club President!

Spread the word!

--Jeff Tuffenstuff

After a three hour car trip, full of Starbucks coffee and pastries, Chew(right)and I are ready to set up and sell our books at Fluke.

A close-up of Flex Fantastic Issue 2 and Carnage Cream at the Globster Press Table

Chew at the Globster Press Table at 11:00 A.M. That smile is scary, man! You're scaring the kids...

Roger, recently appointed President of the Globster Press Fan Club, reading one of Chew's comics. He drove 150 miles to come out and support us - and brought his friend, Steve. Roger now owns every comic we've done. He also sat at our table and shouted at attendees and helped sell books. A sea biscuit goes to anyone who can spot what's wrong with this picture!

5 P.M.: selling strong, all day long

Our fellow travelers and friends from Columbus: (left to right) Julie, Dan, Hannah, Orion and Steve. Orion also had a table at Fluke. His Sci-Fi comic After the Penal Colony is worth reading. If you come across it, please give it a try. Thanks for coming out to Fluke, guys!

6:04 P.M. Fluke's over. We're done. Bring on the next con!

Chew at Dinner. Excited to order Drunken Noodles and feeling pretty good about Fluke.

Roger and Steve at Dinner. Imitation meat? Huh? What?

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Fluke 2010!

Here are a couple of pics from our friend Roger from Fluke 2010. He also took the pic of the Most Awesome Dude reading one of my books. Thanks, Dude!

Most Awesome Dude at Fluke 2010

Friday, April 16, 2010


Hey peoples. Hope all is well. Been sick, been busy, been crazy....but FLUKE is here! Now! Set for Saturday, April 17 in Athens, GA. We, here at Globster Press, between the two of us, will have FOUR NEW COMIC BOOKS FOR YOU EDIFICATION! J. and I have the new Flex Fantastic 2 (the sequel) and Carnage Cream. I will have my new/old Hairball entitled "Hillbilly Chic: Part One of the Hillbillogy" as well as Neutrino Valley. All of our books are affordable to poor people who like to wallow in mud and cheap forms of literature. Awesome! You know you wish you could be there to wish you were there wishing you could hang out with our awesomeness all day and drink beer with all of the other people milling about whilst drinking beer wishing that they were sitting at a table all day wishing that they could drink a beer too!
YEAH! We had an unbelievably great time last year. Hopefully this years show will be fun as well.
Before I go, big HUGE THANKS to Kennis for helping us print our books this time. I know my books killed that two-tone printer, but thanks for the effort. HUGE cheers also go out to J. for using his superhuman powers to tackle the cutting and stapling. You guys totally Rock! No sarcasm, either!