Sunday, May 30, 2010

Open auditions ...

Another brave new member of the fellowship.

- Jeff Tuffenstuff

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

So long, so gone, so far away...

More to come???
Yes, it has been so, so long since we last met. I meant to make my post earlier, but alas, it was not to be. Where Jeff's weekend was great...mine was horrible! Why? You ask? Well, you'll just have to guess!
Here, we have two more members from our new ultra-quest, the sequel (of sorts)to Carnage Cream. I'd like to say more, but it is all hush-hush. We have a not-so-secret meeting coming up to discuss the parameters of the story.
Wait, what are the police doing at my front door at five in the morning??? Looking for my neighbor? Awesome.
Yes, we have been busy trying to accomplish much in the land of the Glob. Too busy to write about it!


Sunday, May 23, 2010

We missed you too ...

I spent the entire day at the pool with my kids. Playing. Watergun fights. Teaching them how to swim. My brother almost drowned me twice and made me bite my lip (he's a big guy and loves to wrestle). All of that on a stomach full of my Dad's barbecue. Free food provided by family. Yum. I thought I applied enough sunscreen. Hahaha! That's what I get for trusting myself to apply creamy sun blocker correctly. Who knew that prolonged exposure to the sun causes skin to burn? Sure, my shoulders are burnt to a crisp ...but it was my eight month old baby's first day at the pool. She splashed and drank some of the pool water ... and my mom popped me upside the head for letting her do it. It was a good day.

It's been over a month and it's time to get to work on our next project: A follow up to Carnage Cream (How ah met your muddah). The details are still hush-hush. But it's going to be a big book. Some members of the old Fellowship will return. New warriors will join. The new quest will be ridiculous and dangerous. And all of you get to decide how it ends.

Who's in the the new fellowship? Funny you should ask. Two of the members are above. More will follow ...

- Jeff Tuffenstuff