Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Ape Con in the city, summer in the sticks, do a little dance and try not to trip!

Hey there folks! I just did the Alternative Press Expo, or APECON, this past weekend. I did great! My best show (not the most fun, however. While I did have a blast, the "Most fun" still goes out to the FLUKE we did in 2010. It was like Jeff and I were 12 year old boys who freebased Mountain Dew for that show)! So thanks to the friends and family that helped me out. Howdy to the great new folks that I met there, as well!
My most recent Hairball, "Bumper Baby A-Go-Go Versus the Giant Sucking Wound" has now OFFICIALLY become my most popular comic to date. These two guys walked up to the table, one pointed to it and said "Best title of a comic...ever", and then they walked away. They didn't even buy it. That's a whole different type of sale!
There was so much stuff to look at! So much diversity. It was actually fairly overwhelming. It was one of those cons where you walk around and see everything, take a break, and then go back for a deeper search.

It was also not the easiest of cons for me. You see, I had been rather ill in the weeks prior to the show. At one point, I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to pull it off. Luckily, I did. Though, there was a stretch of time Sunday afternoon that was deadly dull. Few people walking around. No one really wanted to talk. I just wanted to go to bed and call it a day. But when it picked up, it got amazing.

Jeff Tuffenstuff couldn't join me for this show because he's back in the South, and I have since moved onto the West Coast. I did miss him. It was also odd not seeing the rest of the FLUKE gang around. Oh well,  this is a brave new world. No more South (or at least, very little. Or perhaps, not for a while...although, I do not relish the thought of getting back into that humidity with all of the palmetto bugs. Do you know that since I've been out here, I have not seen ONE SINGLE FIRE ANT, MOSQUITO, OR COCKROACH????? After 24 years, that's unprecedented). So, do you mind me reminiscing? I don't!
APE was awesome. New pastures, new comics, new projects. I'm actually working on a new Hairball as we speak. It's still in the planning stages....Keep yer one good eye out!


Saturday, September 1, 2012


Hey all...I'm about to embark on an experiment. This little comic, called HAIRPIN!, is not going to appear in a printed format. Instead, it will only be drawn. The idea here is that, even though the gag will remain the same, each book will end up looking different from the other. For me, these books are the equivalent of little paintings or songs played in concert that are never recorded (which means that they are fluid and open to experimentation...which means, ultimately the the gag itself will be open to change. It also means that they might go from drawings to actual paintings, collages, or mixed media. Who knows?!).
I'm doing this because I am curious to see how the ideas and images evolve. It also seems like a fun project. So, we'll see how successful it goes...or if I get sick of it.


Monday, July 16, 2012

New Moves

(photo from R.Reeves at his insistence)
Wow! It's been a long time! Sorry folks, I am just not a blogger. So why have a blog? So's that we can make periodic updates about things comic related and unrelated. Like, I quit my job and moved from CO-lumbus, Georgia to Berkeley, California. It was an arduous five day journey where I and my car, Mildred, braved 100+ degree weather. We went through deserts and mountains and more deserts and farmfields and stockyards that had a 30 minute stench in both directions and raging thunderstorms in New Mexico and Mississippi and the general stench of Louisiana and the awfulness of Texas. Sorry to all of you out there who like Texas, but I just do'nt. It's true, there are really good parts that I've never been to and I should'nt just knock the whole state, but I'm knocking the whole state.
So far, the weather here has been pretty plush. I came from a place that was suffering from 100 and change with the requisite insufferable humidity which just raises the heat index and the tempers. Trying to pack your car in 106 degrees just flat out sucks.
Now I'm here and will make an update every once in a while because there are still very nice folks out there in the world who check up on us to see what's happening. Thanks again!