Tuesday, September 3, 2013



Here is the final page! I took the cut out of the bones (shown in earlier posts) and glued them onto the page with the previously drawn bones. The end result is as much collage as it is drawing.
The problem I had with the original page was that there was too much black on the right. It felt like this should really be at the top. There was also a fair amount of uniformity in the design of the original bone mass. I wanted to break that up a little bit.

The reason I'm showing you this process is because there are quite a few pages within my comic that have been constructed in this manner. I'll take one that totally failed and cut it up. Then, I'll take those pieces and construct a new page out of it. Or perhaps, I'll augment a previously existing page, such as this. Occasionally, I'll create a collage out of the pieces, then compose a drawing based off of it. So, it looks like a collage, but really isn't.

So there you are!