Friday, January 28, 2011

Scar Central is right around the corner

'Tis Scarbuncula, Lord of all the Scar Tissues!
This was one of several covers that I was
 working on for  Hairball a few years back...

Sunday, January 16, 2011

The year spills forth like buckets of rain

Well, hello friends! It really has been too long. Is the year going well for you so far?
Jeff and I have been busy over the holidays. That's why you have'nt heard from us in a while. But like all things, it's time to get rolling again.
For my part, I have been on break from the end of November, almost all of December, and the beginning of January. First, I spent about half a week in the studio, several days dogsitting, and then ended up out in California. There, I stayed and traveled with friends. I went to Sacramento, Redding, Chico, San Francisco, Berkeley, and even up to Oregon! I rode on planes, trains, vans, and cars. Did a fair amount of walking in the cold, cold rain as well (Berkeley was in a downpour).  I saw many wonderful and horrible sights. Really, too much to detail in one sitting. It was definitely a great way to end the year.
Since coming back, I have been busy working on The Black Worm. I also managed to acquire a lousy sinus infection which knocked me out of the studio and into the bed for a spell.
Jeff and I will be getting back to our opus soon enough. Lots of plans for the new year means lots of work! So, we will be seeing you all very soon....