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Dr. Mullet: Redneck M.D.


Thursday, May 19, 2011

Fluke 2011 Report (Part 3)

There were several books I picked up or traded for at Fluke and wanted to share these with you (clockwise from the top):

Beard by Pranas T. Naujokaitis: I am so impressed with this book's cover design, it's ridiculous. It's a wrap-around cardboard, screenprinted beard that (when dislodged and pulled from the main character's face) opens to reveal 16 page B/W story that's about a man and his ... beard. A beard that can practically do anything. The ending was hilarious. 

The Beast Mother by Eleanor Davis: I've heard nothing but good things about this book. I finally purchased a copy and I have to say it lives up to it's reputation. The story is somber, well paced, thoughtful and a little icky (but in a good way). It's just well done. Oh and the cover ... screenprinted, die-cut goodness. Inspiring.

Chalk Talk by Lauren Sparks: I can only assume that this was a class project completed at SCAD based on the opening credits of the book. I really liked it. It's short and sweet, maybe a little too short but I found the story and art to be very engaging. I've seen really bad examples of inkwashes in a lot of self published comics. Washes can make the art look too dark or muddy. Lauren on the other hand, shows an amazing amount of control and her characters really pop from the background. This book was a good trade. Thanks, Lauren!

Eleanor Davis' Sketchbook Beouija: I've become a fan of her work. Check out her website.

The Fluke Anthology: A free give away at Fluke for all attendees. I've mentioned this one in my previous post, but if you're attending a mini-con and happen to see this book ... buy it. Besides featuring "Harold," a five page story drawn by Chew and myself (shameless plug) it features "Robot Love" by Joey Weiser and "Sasquatch" by Kevin Burkhalter and Falynn K which are my favorites in this anthology.

And ...

Rashy Rabbit by Josh Latta: I love Josh's character design. His characters are so well thought out and distilled, he can't mess them up. They gesture wildly, have great body language and display a wide array of emotions. Great inks too. Josh's work is very reminiscent of Spirou and a lot of the older french children/adventure comics (and that is meant as a compliment). It's good stuff.  I can't wait to pick up another book. Go and check it out.

So that's it for Fluke report. See you there next year!

– Jeff Tuffenstuff

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Many Ghosts of Ohia

The last few weeks have been tumultuous to say the least. I was finally able to go on vacation back to the old homestead in Ohio, which was good....but also a little sad. Things have changed so much up there. I return feeling totally unfocused and unable to concentrate. My mom, who went with me, has expressed the same sensation.
What's interesting is that a comic that I've been working on for years  has a segment that takes place in this area. I ended up seeing some of the places I've been drawing from a twenty-plus year memory. It's more depressing than I remembered, but it was also cold and rainy. Plus, we went to a nursing home and a couple of cemeteries to visit our ghosts. What do you expect, after all?
The good news is that my long lost brother, Viruss,  and I have reconnected! It's only been twenty-one years. He's basically a bigger version of me. Our brains work in a similar manner. Heck, we even have the same hairstyle! That means there are two of us running around. You should be afraid...cuz we really do'nt care what you think about us.
I also met my two younger cousins and was big brother to them for an evening. Lots of tree climbing and hill walking. It was kind of nice to just sit in a big, green field of grass and hang out. We skipped stones in a mud hole and found the skeleton of a cow that was struck by lightning.
So, really, the good definitely outweighed the bad. Thank god for those three guys up there (and my brother's new family) because all of that other stuff was a little tough.
I leave with more resolution about finishing my book and dealing with the Black Worm.

I'm just a little unfocused for the moment...


Monday, May 2, 2011

Fluke 2011 Report (Part 2)

The chronicle continues. In pictures. A special thanks to Roger for taking these ...
Chew and Jeff in front of 40watt

Inside the 40watt club

Chew, Klay and Jeff