Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The terrible secret revealed...

You know, I really wanted this to be an all ages kind of story and then I go and draw this. Oh well. I was really inspired by Chewt's last panel in which he gave King Karl some more texture and much needed definition. Chew has this amazing gift for detail and it was hard not to bring the elements he added over into my panel. I thought it would be fun to include the initial rough sketch and the more refined penciled version in this post. Once I have all the elements and the composition I want, I then put the final sketch on my light table, put a sheet of paper over it and start inking. Chew and I are usually ahead a few panels of this post, so I have the honor of working on another panel tonight.
...kind of feel like drawing some dwarves and perhaps...
a dead otter...
-Jeff Tuffenstuff

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Terrible Secret Tastes Like...

Oh, poor little king! What burdens have been placed on your weary table? Is it the stunning visage of your daughter? Is it her social life? A throbbing pond just brimming with suitors? Is it the breath of the dragon? A stench that not even the very bricks of your castle can keep at bay? Is it what Jeff will do to your stable home life in the next panel? What, oh what is that dreadful thing lurking deep within your tiny, and very dusty, closet?
Well, my first version of the king was an overly sentimental one. Entirely too saccharine. Then I decided to go the opposite route and made him into a foul little rodent. Somehow, I made the compromise in my skull as I was writing out his dialogue. I love the idea that his daughter has no one to talk she just talks her head off to any creature in her presence. After all, she has a LOT of love to give. Sometimes you ca'nt hold that stuff back. It's kind of like water...

- Chew

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


I was soooo tempted to add to the fellowship but I figured it would be hard enough drawing the entire group and fitting them in one panel. I decided to tackle Princess Bertha (literally) and I'm noticing a disturbing trend...I like drawing big, butt-ugly women. I wanted to give Princess Bertha a hairy chin but decided not to, well...because that would just be wrong. Hairy moles though? Classy. Wait until you'll meet her mother.
***Special Note***
It gave me imense pleasure killing off the entire group in the little RPG I ran. Poor, poor otter...Huargh hahahaha ha ha hehehe ha I have a feeling this fellowship will experience many hardships and perhaps even the loss of a friend.
And by the way, Chew and I have fixed the problem of huge pictures exploding and assaulting your screen when clicked. It's a kinder, gentler blog now. Until the next post...

"You will experience fear..." (New Spock from new Star Trek Movie--2 weeks and counting!)

- Jeff Tuffenstuff


Hey again! Did you studious types notice anything funny in the last panel? Well, look hardy, me hardies, cause there be somethin ill floatin about inside that draRing. But guess what? I already fixed it up, so it is now healthy and no longer an ill thorn in thy side! Look again!

- Chew

Lutria United

This panel is, essentially, a parody of Jeff's panel. Since he expanded the Fellowship and mentioned some form of legalities as well, why not expand upon that premise? And...while we are at it, why not also begin to open up the realm in which these poor, soiled inhabitants dwell?
**Special Note** I developed the Lutrians, a race of large otters, for an RPG that Jeff created. It was supposed to have been set in a medieval world. He came up with a quick story that would only last a couple of sessions (if not for that night only). The players were free to create their characters at will. The rest of the details are sketchy due to my desire to forget the events of that fateful night. Basically, I and my friends, who spent much time and energy in the exciting creations of our characters...were all killed and the game was finished. Just. Like. That.
I came up with the whole country of Lutria. I made a map. I detailed the major religions, the gods and all of the schisms. The next time we played he said "Just turn him into his cousin (of my now deceased and previously awesome-totally character)". NO! I want MY character to still be ALIVE! So I turned him into his cousin. We have'nt played since.

Plus...I like the notion of the dwarves of old having monobrows, cause they be so hairy and all.

- Chew

Friday, April 17, 2009

I couldn't resist

Why should Chew get all the fun creating and naming the members of the fellowhip? Add a little mix of middle-earth affirmative action and...POOF! Meet the two new additions to the team. The elf is my proudest moment so far.
- Jeff Tuffenstuff

The Fellowship

In this magical panel, explained at length in the previous BOG, we are introduced to Hringmahar (her-Ring-ma-Haarrr), Dewclaw (Doo-Klaw), and Fanny Ho-Ho (esq). Yes. That dude is walleyed. I am mean.

- Chew

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Fandalf the Great

Chew and I are trying to submitt this story to a comic anthology by June 1st. Wish us luck.

...So this is a great time to explain our process for this comic (and how we approached Flex Fantastic as well). One of us usually just starts drawing the first panel. We keep taking turns drawing one panel per night without any discussion, hints or clues to what the other person is thinking. I normally try to put Chew in a horrible position (story wise) and leave him to clean up the mess. Chew does the same to me (yep, he's sadistic too). We both know that this story has to wrap up in about 4 pages, but how we're going to get there and how it's going to end is anyone's guess. Each panel ends up being a reaction to the last and, if done correctly (jinx), should build an unpredictable and unstable momentum to the finished product. It's also a lot of fun.

I started the first panel for this one. In it we meet Fandalf...wait, why am I describing the panel when you can just click on it? Anyhoooo, the antholgy's theme is "How we first met" and I tried to address that in this panel. I also wanted to draw a wizard and really wanted to draw some D&D type characters (because I watched Lord of the Rings last weekend) there you go: Panel 1 of page 1 of our stream-of-consciousness fantasy epic..."How ah met your muddah."
Kinda thirsty now. Soda. Must drink. Bubbles goooood.

- Jeff Tuffenstuff

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Special Sauce for Someone...

hey all, Chew here. i'm gonna make a brief mention of the latest comical short story that Jeff and I are working on. first off, Jeff made the panel with the mighty FANDOLF, lord and master of meaty onion rings o' plenty. in this panel, FANDOLF issues a challenge to the warriors who take up staff and spirit to embark on a treacherous journey in order to save the mysterious princess BERTHA! who is she? what could she want? what is her motivation? what body size does she have? who the heck knows! we certainly do'nt! at least not now...
so, whilst pontificating on a valid response to Jeff's challenge, as well as attempting to propel the story forward, three names came into my mind as if from a light breathy whisper. it was with those names that the panel began to manifest itself in my mind.
when it came to the drawing part, well, that was a little different. i had'nt worked on a cartoon in a couple of months, largely because i have been in this total painterly mood. in fact, i went out just the other day and bought some brushes! i got(s) a size 4/round, 6/flat, 10/flat, and a 12/flat. this painting i began is 7 feet by 9 feet. you'd just love to see it would'nt you? unfortunately, this here B(L)OG is not for that, but the comics, which i had not been doing for awhile.
at first i was playing the Scissor Girls. then i played Liars "Drums not Dead", but things were not happening. do'nt get me wrong, i love the crap out of those albums. majorly! but i was just not in that mood. so, i walked away and got a beer. i came back and put on Trotsky Icepick's "Baby" and by jove, that totally did it! i was totally on it! then i was done. i went to bed, but not before reading a chapter out of "Riddley Walker". thas'nth wai ta da itchano?niteytym...

- Chew

Friday, April 10, 2009

And so it begins...

...Mmmuargh har har har hahahaha! Welcome to Globster Press. It's our own little publishing imprint! Yep. Just some guys tryin' 'ta make comics. We will use this blog to update everyone on our projects and convention appearances. We'll show you the process, the ideas, the arguments, the injuries and all the other good stuff that goes into our books. We'll try to keep a regular schedule for our posts so check back often!

Here's some info about us. Globster Press is currently comprised of Chew and myself, Jeff Tuffenstuff. We both have day jobs --in fact, we actually work together--and in our very limited spare time we try to make comics. Chew and I will take turns updating and we will sign each post accordingly--everyone will see why in the near future.

We finished our first book, Flex Fantastic, and displayed it at Fluke, a mini/indie comic convention located in Tasty World (Athens, Georgia). Our table was five bucks...and for anyone wanting to do this...Fluke is a great place to start. We met some really nice people there--including the Seqalab crew from SCAD, who were nice enough to feature us on their podcast. Fluke is a really interesting con. There is none of the crazyness that surrounds the bigger cons. No Klingons. No Body Builders. No Over-The-Hill Actors. No Jedis. No Cosplay. No...well, you get the idea. Just a bunch of geeks an nerds (I'm one too, by the way) that are really into the alternative press or who...well, just don't know any better. Chew and I had a blast and were able to sell a few books and prints. I've posted a few panels from the book and we'll explain our process in the next few posts. Until then...Happy Easter and...
May the awesome power of the globster corrupt you all!
(and if anyone thought that was lame, just wait...I've got a thousand of these coming your way)
-Jeff Tuffenstuff