Monday, July 16, 2012

New Moves

(photo from R.Reeves at his insistence)
Wow! It's been a long time! Sorry folks, I am just not a blogger. So why have a blog? So's that we can make periodic updates about things comic related and unrelated. Like, I quit my job and moved from CO-lumbus, Georgia to Berkeley, California. It was an arduous five day journey where I and my car, Mildred, braved 100+ degree weather. We went through deserts and mountains and more deserts and farmfields and stockyards that had a 30 minute stench in both directions and raging thunderstorms in New Mexico and Mississippi and the general stench of Louisiana and the awfulness of Texas. Sorry to all of you out there who like Texas, but I just do'nt. It's true, there are really good parts that I've never been to and I should'nt just knock the whole state, but I'm knocking the whole state.
So far, the weather here has been pretty plush. I came from a place that was suffering from 100 and change with the requisite insufferable humidity which just raises the heat index and the tempers. Trying to pack your car in 106 degrees just flat out sucks.
Now I'm here and will make an update every once in a while because there are still very nice folks out there in the world who check up on us to see what's happening. Thanks again!