Thursday, October 1, 2009

Hot wire my heart

This is another panel out of Neutrino Valley. The main character is a little boy named Leroy. Here, he is seen entering a school room that was based off of my 6th grade class in Kansas. The dude directly to Leroy's right has a t-shirt that says "Goat Roper 4 Life". We called rednecks in Kansas "goat ropers". Really, they were just farm kids who had mullety-hair (or bowl cuts...with cowboy boots). He has the hair and the 'tude.
The angry looking girl with the half-shaved head, right in front of Leroy, is my rendition of how an old friend might have looked at that age. Near her, is my friend Sean from middle school.
As you might be gathering by now, many of the scenes in this book are based off of things from my youth.

- Chew

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