Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Jock-styled Hari Kari hits the freeway

Here's another one! Is'nt this your lucky day? Do'nt you just feel all gushy with joy and other possible squishy things? The bulk of these very few images have been created by pillaging newspapers and magazines and other phorms of ephemera. I never really intended on them having an audience...which is probably why I ended up giving them a mayfly's lifespan.
This particular image shows absolutely no damage or side effect from being bullied by jocks throughout the existence of my being. None whatsover. It also bears no resemblance to any petty grudges against jocks (and rednecks) that may have resulted from a PTSD-styled experience resulting from...well, school in general. I'm way past that, dudes.

Howler Monkeys.

- Chew

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