Friday, February 4, 2011

Bunnies in Hell

This is the first appearance of my character Remy. He has since been inducted in the Hairball universe as a hopeless sad sack sort of guy that nobody really likes or respects. I suppose he has a tendency to try to make people like him, but he overdoes it. Yet, somehow, inexplicably, they let him hang around them. 
Another interesting thing about this image is that I will occasionally dip into this theme I call "Bunnies in Hell." It seems to surface every few years. These bunnies will start appearing in my drawings as either victims or victimizers. They can evoke disgust or sympathy. I'm really not sure what it all signifies yet.
I do have a sense that the bunnies will be returning in a Hairball sooner rather than later.
Remy, of course, will always be around for a beating.

Until next time, Globbies...


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