Monday, June 6, 2011

Thirty Hours: The HeroesCon Report

I slept horribly last night. It seemed like every hour I would wake up and I'd start to hum "Lovin' Every Minute of It" by Loverboy. It was a big hit back in 1985. The 1980's sort of set the theme for our trip to Charlotte, North Carolina to visit HeroesCon.

Thursday morning of last was an especially hectic one for me at work. Lunch rolls around...and so did the road! Off we went, North/Northeast to those succulent 80's sounds. We talked a lot, which was good, because that trip was (THANKFULLY) uneventful. Not really much to see, aside from Atlanta and a couple of lakes.
We stayed at a skanky motel somewheres in the wild wastelands of southern Charlotte. If ever there was that movie hotel you did'nt want to stay in because of all the hijinks you knew were going to happen there, that was it. But nothing ever happened. Except for insomnia.
I swear, the ick in that room was palpable.
Then we went out to eat that night. Food, and hearty grog (at least for me), and hanging out and then the bottom of Jeff's water glass just comes right off. The whole bottom half of it. Water and ice all over everywhere!
The Con. Got there early. Coffee, bagel, long lines. Tickets. Waiting, waiting, waiting. We finally get in and it's a big room full of comics as well as the people who make them and the people who sell them. I gotta tellya, after having visited DragonCon frequently for the past dozen years, it was nice to finally see a con devoted to comics (nothing against DragonCon, really. It can be a lot of fun).
We saw Patrick Dean and the guys from Fluke and said hi. Then went over to see Chris Schweizer. He had a really great booth set up. They had lots of cool stuff to go through!
There were a lot of other other guys whose names were familiar-both big and small. Neal AdamsBecky Cloonan, and Farel Dalrymple  are a few examples. Then there were some people who were supposed to be there, but we either did'nt see them, or we temporarily hit a blind spot where that person's existence was just passed over. Like they had an unintentional cloaking device! Or maybe it was intentional.

Plus, they had actual cels from Akira! We could see those.

We tooled around. Went and had a pizza with a bunch of yuppie-types. Went back and sat in on a lecture given by Chris Schweizer. It was the comic book Composition class that we never had in school! It gave us some stuff to think about. Thanks, Chris!
Then....we hit the road.
To Charlotte and back, in thirty hours!


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