Sunday, December 11, 2011


Hello all. I've been hard at work on my book. It's a part of the Black Worm (the title of which will remain secret for now). I've been working on this comic for a number of years. How many, I still cannot figure out. The main narrative is at least four years old. There are earlier portions that date back to about ten years ago. There are many other elements that may be even older. I'm sure it will make more sense if you ever see it. 
At the rate that I'm going (that was just a gunshot down the street) I'm averaging a page a week with a steady job. That means I'll be dead before I finish. I hope those gunshots do'nt get any closer. The above image is a component of one page. It wo'nt look as fuzzy as this in the final product, however. That is my main character taking a stroll through a dilapidated town. 
Oh well....I guess I'll keep pushing onward. See you around another blasted new year....

Ch E w

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