Monday, August 10, 2009

For all the folks at Road-America ...

I don't know why, but a recent post struck a chord with the good folks at Road-America. How do I know this? My brother Jerom works there. So this one's for you little brother (he's actually not that little anymore, he's taller, meaner and could drink me under the table if he wanted to ... which, in retrospect, isn't all that hard since I don't really drink) and the rest of his co-workers. Enjoy. This another little doodle during a time of great stress and duress. A silent plea for help?

- Jeff Tuffenstuff

P.S. Jerom, I still owe you a whuppin' in magic the gathering. It's only fair to let you know I've been letting you win the last twenty games or so ... you know, to lull you into a false sense of security ... and those tears you saw when I lost were fake too, it's all part of my 20 step plan to bring you to your knees ... Huargh har har har ... cough.

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