Sunday, August 16, 2009

Scarbuncula is Lord of All the Scar Tissues

Ha! the sketchbook strikes again! And you thought me dead?? How little you know me! For, when vexed, my power reaches in the ultimate of crescendos! Mwa ha ha....
Yes, this little page does feature the awesome power of Scarbuncula, Lord of All of the Scar Tissues (officially official title). HE is on the right hand side overlooking Shrivel the Raisin who, in turn, is overlooking a small bear head (which does'nt require a body, of course. you know that you can shoot those things and they'll still keep rolling?). Beany is standing just to the left/right of the head.
Over on the opposite side of the page is a Scab. The dude is wearing, like, Stryper-style spandex cuz he so hot. Scabs die and become Scars. That's when Scarbuncula comes in. He's on a crusade to kill as many Scabs as possible. I've already explored this in a couple of my Hairballs.
There's also a dirt person, a sense of meat, and a couple of models to emphasize the irony of the word "scar".

- Chew

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