Wednesday, November 11, 2009

El Hombre Lobo will set fire to your panties!!!

A curious thing has been happening over the past couple of months. Whenever I have been updating my status on Myspace and Facebook, a voice, usually spoken in the third person for ridiculous effect, has risen. It is that of Sir "El Hombre Lobo". Given to outbursts of exaggeration and arrogance, it is the impish, feral side of me.
As I began to think about this character's development within my psyche (without my full knowledge or approval)-as well as the possible reasons for his rather abrupt appearances, I decided to draw him.
Oddly, ironically, conveniently, curiously I drew him on my 36th birthday. This is my rendition of him.
Do not be alarmed or surprised if he shows up occasionally in this blog!

- Chew

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