Thursday, January 28, 2010


Well! It sure has been awhile, has'nt it? I do that. I disappear for a spell. Living in a cave does that to people, I guess. How were your holidays? Mine totally sucked!
The image that you see here represents the very FIRST attempt that Marcolm and I made as a collaborative project. I do'nt really know what the name would have been, but the comic was to feature a feisty little dwarf named Biskit. Out of the seven dwarfs, he was eight. I believe his birth resulted in the death of his mother. This naturally put him at odds with his brothers. He was also born wrong. Like, funny-in-the-head-wrong. He was extremely greedy and liked to torture little forest animals (like cute bunnies and other disney-esque type characters).
The whole story was going to begin with his funeral. The king of the forest has died, the people at the funeral all having various flashbacks or telling stories of how he amassed all of his power and wealth (as well as dealing with the circumstances that led to his death. It was not a murder mystery per se, just an exploration of a character). We would also, from biased points of view, see what a total bastard he had been.
We developed this idea when we were working with compadre Kennis (who is a follower of this blog. YO!) on a comic book called Bacharan together. Bacharan was Jeff and Ken's book...they hired me on as a background illustrator (To clarify, Bacharan was their collaborative project whilst I was the hired matter how well we got along. That book is theirs). It was a legit job, too! I paid taxes on what I earned! Well, things got a little crazy, and the idea of Biskit never really developed past the planning stage. I did a few sketches and ended up with some really neat ideas that I will probably use at a future date. I do'nt have a whole lot of hope for Biskit, though. It seems that the time has passed. I would rather do another "fellowship" book with some characters that might be influenced by Biskit, as opposed to dealing with him outright. I do'nt know...I guess he's over.
The page before you is merely a test page. I wanted to play around with a layout that had no panels...and see how that would feel. Everything is rough, and was never intended to be seen by people outside of our little coterie. Well, who cares now. That all happened way back at the beginning of the century! Circa 2000-2002.


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