Thursday, February 18, 2010


Well, I must say, things have been rather stressful. There is a trashy person living in a place very, very close to me who is slowly making my mind unravel. I have always had a low tolerance for really dirty, insensitive, ultra-tacky mofo's who like to spread their filth onto other people. Consensual trash is one thing, but when it's forcibly imposed upon a person who is then driven out of their dwelling in frustration...well, that just sucks.
So, the venom that has welled up from within me simply must be addressed in some form. Luckily, I was able to get to a point where I could write this entry without sounding like some Meanderthal craving violence, skull bashing, throwing squealing hyper-active children out of trees. You think this sounds rough? You should have heard me last week! I was practically rabid. I even started to mimic a crying child.
Which brings me to the image you see before you. This was a test page for Neutrino Valley in its early stages...back in 2000-2002. Not sure when it was, really. The characters you see are, in fact, mutated, inbred cannibals. Well, most of them. The little guy with wings is'nt. He will eat dead cats with the rest of the family (Fambly), but generally will avoid the flesh of humans.
Here, we see the brothers picking on little Grubby. I intended Grubby to become friends with Leroy (main character of N.V.) but I had problems with the way the story was turning out. Plus, it got to a point where I did'nt want to work on the thing anymore. I just did'nt want to deal with it. I spent so much time drawing on that thing that it seemed like it would never end. There are so many lines in some of the panels, that it creates an almost misty look to it. My drawing style had also changed. I also got whiplash and had to reinvent the way I drew comics. This began my slow journey towards the brush.
Well, I had all of those pages that I had finished just sitting there. Jeff and I began chatting about the book and I was telling him about some of the problems I was having with it (run on sentence). When he saw it, he was like "You ca'nt work on the book anymore because you're done." It was all right there. No more monsters. No subplots. Nothing overly complex. It just is...finished! And it is. Hopefully N.V. will be published in time for FLUKE in April. 16 pages...B&W.

Not sure if I will ever explore these monsters again or not. I might, but outside of Neutrino Valley. The Fambly did originate from a "holler" in W.VA.
No. I will not tell you their names right now.

Albaric the Mute

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