Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Images painfully seared into your brain!

Well, well. March has come in and we, here in the Land of the Globster, find ourselves inundated with many, many, many, many things to do. We are working hard on Flex 2, though. I thought I would take this opportunity to indulge you with a few choice words......
A couple of nights ago, I began my first annual one man "Naschy-Fest At Night" to celebrate the life and passing of that crazy Spaniard, Paul Naschy. He looked like John Belushi and acted like a plank of wood, but ohhhh that Naschy! He was quite the devil! He made some very enjoyable 'horror'/exploitation films from the 60's to the 00's (oughts).
Last night, I finished "El Carnaval De Las Bestias", a.k.a. 'Human Beasts'. It was a touching little film about cannibalism. Actually, it would be more appropriate if the title was translated literally into The Carnival of the Beasts. It would fall in line with the theme of masks...and the people who hide behind them...and how easy it is for people to let themselves be suckered after a couple of kisses.
There was this really ripe scene, and I'm totally giving it away, where this veterinarian gets eaten by these really, REALLY fake looking pig heads. VERY BOSS.
Next up? Blue Eyes of a Broken Doll!
Until then....keep busy!
I know you will, you few, you...

Albaric the Transmutationable Mute

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