Friday, October 1, 2010


This is M.R. and his friend Speicher (in the window, goofing off). They live together in a squat along with Spider, Celia, and a basset hound named Rolando. Many others drift in and out of the place, but the four remain the core group.
After M.R.'s girlfriend broke up with him, he kind of lost it. He quit his job and became a road rat. During one of his journeys, he met Spider, who was going to see his sister Celia (and Rolando). She was squatting in an abandoned house she found in outer suburbia. Spider invited him to stay at the dubbed Rolando's House. Shortly after settling in, Celia invited Speicher and his girlfriend Ann-Elise to join them.
Ann-Elise, unfortunately, had a myriad of drug related problems and promptly vanished.
Speicher stayed and the group became a family.
These characters came to me in a dream entitled "Do'nt Eat Rolando". Yes, it actually had a title.
M.R. is perhaps one of the most important characters in The Black Worm. He is a fairly competent artist who shunned art school because of its "rigid structure" and "myth-perpetuating institutionalization".
He enjoys drawing all of the weirdos he sees skulking around his neighborhood. To his great joy, he discovered a "colony of furverts" several streets away from Rolando's House.

Interestingly, I have absolutely no plans to feature M.R. in a comic.

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