Sunday, November 21, 2010

A Knot of Scabs

This is Dewclaw. He's a Maublet from the Peliotes. Specifically, he is from the island of Iola located deep within the archipelago.
For those of you who have seen Carnage Cream, he's the guy you hardly ever see who is wearing  the big helmet with horns.
For this new comic, he is the medic/cleric of the group. Too bad his religion is alien to his comrades. Sometimes they simply do'nt understand his analogies. But, they do appreciate him for this widely known fact: Maublets are medicinal.
You see, since they have descended from toads, many of these people have exciting chemical properties. Some are psychoactive, some are poisonous, and some make you drowsy. This is why a lot of Maublets are hired out as mercenaries, medics, apothecaries, and/or assassins.
Most folks think that licking a Maublet is the way to procure the venom. In actuality, one has to pop a wart to suck the juices, ingest several of the scabs, or drink form the parotoid glands (which reside in place of nipples).
So...why are all of the Maublets letting people lick them??? They're perverts. It's also a good way to assassinate someone. Plus, human saliva is a natural moisturizer.

As you can probably infer from the text above, a common slur thrown at a Maublet is "scab". Most people just do'nt understand what it means to live with dry skin all of the time.


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