Monday, November 8, 2010

The Peliotes

Two Maublets, or Peliotians, in traditional clothing.
Out beyond the western shores of Natamer, just past Imbernia (or part of, depending on where you're standing), right in the middle of the Peliottan Sea, lies the Peliotian Archipelago....or more commonly, the Peliotes.
This island chain is made up of thousands of islands, islets, and rocky outcroppings. Each island is unique in its own way. There are a great variety of flora and fauna to be found here! But despite all of its differences, toads of varying sizes and shapes can be found throughout most of the Peliotes.
Along with the toads are the local inhabitants. A society of human-like creatures that descended from the long line of toads. So, they are often called the Toad People. Or the Peliotians or....
Well, truth be told, due to the Peliotians being spread out across a lot of islands, you find that each clan has its own personality and variation based off of the general society that can be found throughout the entire archipelago. Because of this, there is an ongoing disagreement about what to call the walking/talking folks that live there. They actually had several wars in the past over what to call themselves. Never really solved.
Usually, a Peliotian will insist on themselves and all other Peliotians (except those which they do'nt like, who get special distinction) as being from the island of their birth. For instance, someone from Faralon will insist that all Peliotians are actually called Faralonians. Except for the scum from Pawpaw. THEY are merely Pawpawians. And who does'nt hate them???
But really, most of these beings are called Maublets by the outside world (except by outsiders who are married to Peliotians). This is because the island of Maub is considered to be the birthplace of all of the Toad People. It is from there that they rose. It is that island which is sacred to them.
Plus they never stop talking about the place. It comes up at least once in every conversation with a mainlander. So, it stuck.
Maublets, ya'll.


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