Monday, June 28, 2010

"A Musical Trip Through Hell"

What madness has possessed me to watch such a horrid thing? Have I fallen into the depths of some infernal conspiracy that seeks to infect my very soul with the fetid stench of corruption and damnation?
What, oh what is it that has brought this skein of destruction come belching out of the charnel house like some cursed, sticky web? Oh woe unto me, for I am watching that illest of ills....Staying Alive.
What can I say? This baby fell right into my hands! It seemed like a challenge to watch.
In the last 45 of my 36 years on this earth, I fully, honestly, naively believed that TROLL 2 was the crap that walked the land. Boy, I was wrong!
I have seen a lot of bad movies. I have seen tons of awful movies. I have seen a plethora of terrible movies. I have seen MUNCHIES in the theatre.
I have never, until this moment, seen a movie this bloody...damn...awful.
I have stared into that gaping maw of the abyss...and it is ugly!

Along with Troll 2 and Munchies, this is now first on my new unofficial list of "Charnel House Movies"....the worst of the worst.

Go see it NOW!


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