Friday, July 9, 2010

Elfheim of Elfland, get thee gone

Well, things have been a little crappy on my end of the world, but no need to go into any wearying details. I do'nt really feel like writing anything, but a compulsion has led me here nonetheless. Jeff and I, amidst the chaos of life (what else would it be?), are still working on our Creamy Carnage Tales 2. a feverish pace I might add. With the way the book is going, you'll see it in a couple of years. If all goes as planned, it will be a MAJOR project. Big!
I'm really psyched about the whole thing. Because of previous posts, you might find this entry a tad redundant. But I am majorly psyched. I want to keep talking about it and doing research on Lord of the Rings, AD&D and just about any other nerdy fantasy crap we can totally skewer...whilst maintaining a healthy respect for it, mind you!
I have to tell you guys, one of Jeff's big gripes with L.O.T.R. is Tolkien's portrayals of the Elves as these noble, angelic, tall, effete, and mostly blonde spiritual, and totally pointy-eared beings of utter grace. I am with him on this one now. I, too, am tired of the watered-down version of creatures who used to be a bunch of feisty little asses. Just like what has happened to vampires (Twilight, yo. Vampire eunuchs who glitter. Yeah).
I want to see Elves as bastards again!
And no, they will not be featured in our book.

Oh, Jeff's doing fine, by the way.

ch ch ch chew

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