Thursday, July 15, 2010

Biscuits in times of duress are good for the soul

I'm not sure if you remember this little guy. Several years ago, Jeff T. and I came up with the Biskit story. This is mentioned in a previous post (from Thursday, January 28, 2010). Biskit was a greedy and malevolent dwarf who was said to have killed his mother, thus causing the ostracization by his brothers and the dwarven community at large. Basically, he sucks and everyone hates him.
Slowly, he built his kingdom, and died leaving behind a vast, untold (and hidden) treasure. Jeff was going to do the writing and I was going to draw it. As things sometimes happen, we were never able to get the project out of the preliminary stage. But...we never forgot it. For a spell, I feared it was dead. That is, until AFTER I made the previous post.
Then I started thinking....Biskit exists in the same world as Carnage Cream. There is an unfulfilled idea out there shared by two people. Why not do something with it after all? Why just let it sit there and die? So, Biskit has been reconstituted as Zwieback, the Dwarf -Lord.

Probably will not be seeing him or his story for a while....but elements of his empire remain strewn throughout the landscape.


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