Monday, July 12, 2010

Sour Cream

Anybody creeped out by the picture of Heino in Chew's last post? I am. And I grew up listening and watching the guy. Who's Heino? He's a super duper famous german folk singer that could make old ladies swoon. He's the Sinatra of German Folk ... with shades that only got bigger and darker, and bigger and ... you get the point. Ahh, Germany. Oh how I miss the succulent chesticles of the Fatherland.

Sorry. Back on topic. Uhm ... cream. Chew and I have been talking about D&D – specifically monsters in the old first edition Fiend Folio and the various Monster Manuals. So, here's a Monster. Well, more of a pet really. Say hello to Kronk the Hob-Poggle, official mascot of Fandalf's School of Wizardry and Wonderment, inc. He's a cute, quiet little fellow as long as you keep him fed. And chained. And sedated. None of which he will be, of course, when the fellowship finds him in the School Cellar. In fact, the little guy guy will have a very sour disposition.

See how I worked the end there back into the main title?

I know. I'm Awesome.

- Jeff Tuffenstuff

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