Friday, July 16, 2010

Zwieback, The Dwarf-Lord

So, here he is...Biskit reconstituted as Zwieback.
In this particular image, he is standing on the freshly slain corpse of the Infamous Red Troll of Ragmar (amongst his fellow trolls, he is known as "Tahr Pkatz'rrrta Utj Rrhrgh'mghrrr"). As Zwieback was carving out his empire, he needed to annex a certain Haelfern Forest...that wonderfully enchanted place also known as Darkwood (thought by many to contain great secrets and treasures). The Red Troll claimed himself as king of the forest (which he was obviously not, for he lived some thirty leagues away), so Zwieback did what came naturally to a conquering alpha male bastard. He took down his competition.


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