Thursday, April 16, 2009

Fandalf the Great

Chew and I are trying to submitt this story to a comic anthology by June 1st. Wish us luck.

...So this is a great time to explain our process for this comic (and how we approached Flex Fantastic as well). One of us usually just starts drawing the first panel. We keep taking turns drawing one panel per night without any discussion, hints or clues to what the other person is thinking. I normally try to put Chew in a horrible position (story wise) and leave him to clean up the mess. Chew does the same to me (yep, he's sadistic too). We both know that this story has to wrap up in about 4 pages, but how we're going to get there and how it's going to end is anyone's guess. Each panel ends up being a reaction to the last and, if done correctly (jinx), should build an unpredictable and unstable momentum to the finished product. It's also a lot of fun.

I started the first panel for this one. In it we meet Fandalf...wait, why am I describing the panel when you can just click on it? Anyhoooo, the antholgy's theme is "How we first met" and I tried to address that in this panel. I also wanted to draw a wizard and really wanted to draw some D&D type characters (because I watched Lord of the Rings last weekend) there you go: Panel 1 of page 1 of our stream-of-consciousness fantasy epic..."How ah met your muddah."
Kinda thirsty now. Soda. Must drink. Bubbles goooood.

- Jeff Tuffenstuff

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