Friday, April 10, 2009

And so it begins...

...Mmmuargh har har har hahahaha! Welcome to Globster Press. It's our own little publishing imprint! Yep. Just some guys tryin' 'ta make comics. We will use this blog to update everyone on our projects and convention appearances. We'll show you the process, the ideas, the arguments, the injuries and all the other good stuff that goes into our books. We'll try to keep a regular schedule for our posts so check back often!

Here's some info about us. Globster Press is currently comprised of Chew and myself, Jeff Tuffenstuff. We both have day jobs --in fact, we actually work together--and in our very limited spare time we try to make comics. Chew and I will take turns updating and we will sign each post accordingly--everyone will see why in the near future.

We finished our first book, Flex Fantastic, and displayed it at Fluke, a mini/indie comic convention located in Tasty World (Athens, Georgia). Our table was five bucks...and for anyone wanting to do this...Fluke is a great place to start. We met some really nice people there--including the Seqalab crew from SCAD, who were nice enough to feature us on their podcast. Fluke is a really interesting con. There is none of the crazyness that surrounds the bigger cons. No Klingons. No Body Builders. No Over-The-Hill Actors. No Jedis. No Cosplay. No...well, you get the idea. Just a bunch of geeks an nerds (I'm one too, by the way) that are really into the alternative press or who...well, just don't know any better. Chew and I had a blast and were able to sell a few books and prints. I've posted a few panels from the book and we'll explain our process in the next few posts. Until then...Happy Easter and...
May the awesome power of the globster corrupt you all!
(and if anyone thought that was lame, just wait...I've got a thousand of these coming your way)
-Jeff Tuffenstuff

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