Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Lutria United

This panel is, essentially, a parody of Jeff's panel. Since he expanded the Fellowship and mentioned some form of legalities as well, why not expand upon that premise? And...while we are at it, why not also begin to open up the realm in which these poor, soiled inhabitants dwell?
**Special Note** I developed the Lutrians, a race of large otters, for an RPG that Jeff created. It was supposed to have been set in a medieval world. He came up with a quick story that would only last a couple of sessions (if not for that night only). The players were free to create their characters at will. The rest of the details are sketchy due to my desire to forget the events of that fateful night. Basically, I and my friends, who spent much time and energy in the exciting creations of our characters...were all killed and the game was finished. Just. Like. That.
I came up with the whole country of Lutria. I made a map. I detailed the major religions, the gods and all of the schisms. The next time we played he said "Just turn him into his cousin (of my now deceased and previously awesome-totally character)". NO! I want MY character to still be ALIVE! So I turned him into his cousin. We have'nt played since.

Plus...I like the notion of the dwarves of old having monobrows, cause they be so hairy and all.

- Chew

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