Wednesday, April 22, 2009


I was soooo tempted to add to the fellowship but I figured it would be hard enough drawing the entire group and fitting them in one panel. I decided to tackle Princess Bertha (literally) and I'm noticing a disturbing trend...I like drawing big, butt-ugly women. I wanted to give Princess Bertha a hairy chin but decided not to, well...because that would just be wrong. Hairy moles though? Classy. Wait until you'll meet her mother.
***Special Note***
It gave me imense pleasure killing off the entire group in the little RPG I ran. Poor, poor otter...Huargh hahahaha ha ha hehehe ha I have a feeling this fellowship will experience many hardships and perhaps even the loss of a friend.
And by the way, Chew and I have fixed the problem of huge pictures exploding and assaulting your screen when clicked. It's a kinder, gentler blog now. Until the next post...

"You will experience fear..." (New Spock from new Star Trek Movie--2 weeks and counting!)

- Jeff Tuffenstuff


  1. Hey are you guys going to the premiere? My gang and I are going as the original crew. You two should come as Next Generation!

  2. Love Star Trek. Coming to the movies in uniform? I'm sooo not ready for that. Maybe I'll sneak a tricorder into the theater and annoy the audience during the previews. Have fun at the premiere!