Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Special Sauce for Someone...

hey all, Chew here. i'm gonna make a brief mention of the latest comical short story that Jeff and I are working on. first off, Jeff made the panel with the mighty FANDOLF, lord and master of meaty onion rings o' plenty. in this panel, FANDOLF issues a challenge to the warriors who take up staff and spirit to embark on a treacherous journey in order to save the mysterious princess BERTHA! who is she? what could she want? what is her motivation? what body size does she have? who the heck knows! we certainly do'nt! at least not now...
so, whilst pontificating on a valid response to Jeff's challenge, as well as attempting to propel the story forward, three names came into my mind as if from a light breathy whisper. it was with those names that the panel began to manifest itself in my mind.
when it came to the drawing part, well, that was a little different. i had'nt worked on a cartoon in a couple of months, largely because i have been in this total painterly mood. in fact, i went out just the other day and bought some brushes! i got(s) a size 4/round, 6/flat, 10/flat, and a 12/flat. this painting i began is 7 feet by 9 feet. you'd just love to see it would'nt you? unfortunately, this here B(L)OG is not for that, but the comics, which i had not been doing for awhile.
at first i was playing the Scissor Girls. then i played Liars "Drums not Dead", but things were not happening. do'nt get me wrong, i love the crap out of those albums. majorly! but i was just not in that mood. so, i walked away and got a beer. i came back and put on Trotsky Icepick's "Baby" and by jove, that totally did it! i was totally on it! then i was done. i went to bed, but not before reading a chapter out of "Riddley Walker". thas'nth wai ta da itchano?niteytym...

- Chew

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