Sunday, April 26, 2009

Terrible Secret Tastes Like...

Oh, poor little king! What burdens have been placed on your weary table? Is it the stunning visage of your daughter? Is it her social life? A throbbing pond just brimming with suitors? Is it the breath of the dragon? A stench that not even the very bricks of your castle can keep at bay? Is it what Jeff will do to your stable home life in the next panel? What, oh what is that dreadful thing lurking deep within your tiny, and very dusty, closet?
Well, my first version of the king was an overly sentimental one. Entirely too saccharine. Then I decided to go the opposite route and made him into a foul little rodent. Somehow, I made the compromise in my skull as I was writing out his dialogue. I love the idea that his daughter has no one to talk she just talks her head off to any creature in her presence. After all, she has a LOT of love to give. Sometimes you ca'nt hold that stuff back. It's kind of like water...

- Chew

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