Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Bad Dog!

Here it is! The first panel for Flex Fantastic 2. I want to apologize for the week long hiatus. Chewt's computer is experiencing problems so it will be a while before he can post anything. No worries. We'll find a way around it.

For anyone who read the first issue of Flex Fantastic, we left several dangling plot lines which we will try to resolve in this issue. I really didn't want to spend an entire issue of Flex trying to find Klepto. We did that in the first one. I thought it would be interesting to play on the "gap" between the two issues and have Flex catch up with Klepto in this panel. Now we can move the story along and concentrate on getting Flex and Klepto back home. I can't wait to deal with Shecky the clown. For those of you who haven't had a chance to read the first issue, Matt and I will offer the comic for sale on this blog very soon.

- Jeff Tuffenstuff

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