Thursday, June 18, 2009

What evil lurks the hearts of men...and dogs?

Well, here we are again. After a long journey west and back, I ended up catching a severe head cold. This was probably from some schmuck in the airport or on the plane. Regardless, I am here with you and I am still ill (just like the song). As Jeff mentioned, my computer is sick as well. It will be dealt with momentarily.
When this new page of Flex was presented to me, my drug-addled mind would not operate (nyquil, yo). I liked what Jeff did with the pirates hiding behind those broken stone fragments. Heck, I liked the fragments, too! Oh, the mystery! Where are we now? What are those things and how did they get there? Questions Abound! So, as explored in the previous cartoon, "How ah met yer muddah", I went along with my instinct. It told me to explore another avenue that was outside of those lurking pirates. I wanted to deal with them, and I would'nt mind seeing the remaining ones dealt with in some capacity...but, in order to create tension and stretch out that mystery, I opted to add in another figure. One clearly different from the piratical types (notice the fab headgear?). It was for this reason as well that this "watcher" is seen skulking from a direction opposite of the pirates.
Oh, look at poor Klepto. Is'nt that funny when dogs realize that they've gotten into trouble and get that worried look and then drop their heads? Just like little kids. Oh, the shame! How about that. Dogs can experience shame. Cats get embarrassed, too. One time, my cat got a little too comfortable in the sun and just lazed right out of the window and onto the floor. They do'nt always land on their feet! Talk about a mean cat being humiliated. She ran off growling and hid under the bed for the rest of the day!
Mmmm...long day. Despite my rant, I am sad. I think I will go home now to have a beer, finish watching "The Ruins", which Jeff let me borrow, and call it an early night. I'm beat.

- Chew

Bye Jeremy....

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