Tuesday, June 2, 2009

In living color ...

Another blast from the past. I started this about ten years ago while I was working on a comic book with Chew and our friend Kennis. Working on our comic book was pretty intense and this little story was my diversion. Whenever I got frustrated, I would pop open my sketchbook and start on one of these pages (Off and on, over a period of one or two years). The funny part: I never completed it. I always intended to, just never got around to it. Two pages. That's it. Just two more pages. Oh well, I'm kind of notorious for stuff like that. The big problem is that I get really excited about an idea, start and then ... lose interest. This Katrina story was supposed to tie into another sci-fi story that I have been working on for the last nine years. I haven't lost interest in that one, it's just massive and, quite frankly, I'm a little scared to tackle it. Ahhhhh ... the power of personal problems. Delicious.

The whole thing was colored with prisma color markers – with the exception of page two, which features a really bad watercolor background. Uhm ... yeah, so that's about it. Three pages for this post and the rest of this awesome incomplete story tomorrow.


-Jeff Tuffenstuff

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