Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Shot heard around the world

So here it is. One of the simplest panels I have ever devised. There was so much I wanted to add into the panel, but it was so small, and I decided to cut back and go the opposite route. Just show the flying bolt. You do'nt HAVE to see the little dude getting prepped to kill, or Flex turning and reacting because...things just happen. The bolt in the air is immediate and details a swiftness of actions. The drama runs through the readers head as they fill in the blanks (i.e. the action, or expressions on the face of the players as this is occurring. Do they even see it? Apparently they all did'nt! And what about the pirates? Are they allowed to express themselves as well?).
This particular box, in the context of the whole page, is smaller than the others. I ended up shrinking the panel even more to give the impression that the bolt might be flying over the entire panel itself. I also wanted the black in the background to be broken up...not a solid. All in all, a functional panel. It will probably end up being one of my least favorites, although here, I'm kinda liking it.
Note: computer is back and running. I, however, am still sick. If you have any spare lungs, let me steal them from you without remorse. I like air.

- Chew

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