Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Stuck to the wall with nowhere to go

It was a little tricky trying to draw this panel. According to how Jeff had the bolt enter Flex's leg, I knew that he would end up a little twisted. The problem was trying to get the view right. So I sketched and sketched and sketched until finally I got a draft that I liked. That, is pretty much the gist of it all. I decided to throw in the pirate as a reminder that there was more to the situation than just the hero, his dog, and a little Cretin. This widens the scenario. Now many possiblities can occur. How will the politics of the situation unfold? Will the pirates try to flee, take advatage of Flex/Klepto, side with the Cretin, or side with Flex? Anything can happen now!
One thing about this panel that I was not too happy about....the hair. It looks fine now, but I liked Jeff's approach to the hair and I wanted to maintain that look. But, it did not work. I am currently dogsitting and have to periodically return "home" in order to work on these comics. No big deal, but that does not leave me with a whole lot of time. So, feeling pressed, I worked quickly on this panel. Then I got to that hair. It almost did me in. Finally, I thought, 'this is dumb, I have to go. I have a dog to take care of and I need to get to bed. It's already late.' Feeling fairly frustrated, I put everything down and left. I forced myself not to work (overwork) the panel (or redo it altogether, which I have been known to do in the past, time permitting). I forgot all about it and took a look at it in the morn. Mmmm...not so bad. It's kinda funny when you drive yourself insane over a pointless detail that no one else in the world gives a damn about. It's kinda sad that there are so many people who consistently do it to themselves.

- Chew

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