Friday, June 19, 2009

Because Bob said so ...

I have to admit that Chew's panel threw me for a loop. Why didn't he go with the pirates? What the? ... oooh, wait a minute. I get it. Tension. Mysterious figure behind some rocks on the other side ... interesting. So now I get to draw the figure with ... wait, what is that thing? Are those ears?

I actually like Chew's panel a lot. I love the fact that it has no dialogue and yet Flex is still screaming at Klepto. I hear all manner of curses thrown at that poor dog. And Klepto laying on the ground, ears to the floor. Nice.

So what was I thinking when I drew this minion of the "Goddess Bob?" I didn't want it to look like Mickey Mouse. I didn't realize it when I drew this panel that Matt meant for those "ears" to be head gear (I just read his blog!). I thought some kind of liquid respirator would be kind of cool. For a walking fish. Besides, I just couldn't ... wouldn't ... shouldn't let this creature (from the black lagoon) have big ears. Big ears in my mind means cartoon mouse or cartoon rabbit and that's going too far ... too far for a rubber hero and a flying dog trapped inside a hairy transvestite's insides. You gotta have limits, you know. You gotta make this stuff believable.

- Jeff Tuffenstuff

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