Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Sorry for the repeat on Chew's panel, but the composition of mine makes no sense without it. Out of all of the panels I worked on with Chew, this one was the toughest. It's a small panel to begin with and Chew's arrow really took up a lot of my available space. I could have drawn Flex's reaction as the arrow went rushing towards him but something about that notion just felt ... wrong. Maybe it would slow down the pace? Or heighten tension. I don't know. Just felt wrong. Once I decided that Flex would actually get shot, I had the hardest time making that work. How do I draw the panel and compensate for the huge arrow tip? I thought about putting Flex on the bottom of the panel and showing a different arc on the arrow as it hits his leg but then it would have looked liked two arrows coming at him instead of just one.

I could have had one of the pirates take the arrow. Or Klepto. Or have the arrow just miss all together. Could have ... but didn't.

So there it is. A simple drawing. Not a lot of time spent inking it. But a whole lot of time spent thinking ...

Thinking makes Jeff grouchy. Jeff does not like being grouchy. Jeff is referring to himself in third person. Jeff thinks this is not a good sign. Jeff needs sleep.


- Jeff Tuffenstuff

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