Saturday, July 18, 2009

23 Movements of a Fiend

I find myself, after a long week with late hours, and a southern summer sun whose heat and humidity I find revolting, to be in a mood for total sleaze. I am now watching an Italian movie from the seventies called "The Night Evelyn Rose From Her Grave". It's sort of a "giallo". It makes fun of them...which was intentional. But it inadvertantly adds doses of extra irony over time because it is soooo campy and dated.
I'm also in the mood for loud, raw, and sleazy rock and roll. I am currently listening to Thee Oh Sees and will include some Chrome, Ex Models, Six Finger Satellite, Frog Eyes, Lightning Bolt and whatever else can be potentially grating to humanity. has to RAWK!
I believe this is the mood that pervades this latest image. Add a little melancholia and self-deprecation...and that's actually half of the sketchbook right there!

- Chew

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