Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I cut my flesh on the Maggot Farm

Oh yeah. This reflected my state of mind at the time. I would put its inception past the turn of the century. It was a dark time for many of us in those days. Specifics need not be addressed. Individual phrases within the page summon the moods and themes of it all: I Eat My Flesh, Sac of Organs, The Flayed One, The Black Spectre, Maggot Mouth...and, of course, the two phrases that make up the title of this post. Bleak, bleak, bleak! This is THE most dismal page out of the whole sketchbook.

One interesting note....the Black Spectre in the lower right hand corner of the page is a figure that kept showing up in various people's lives in the 1990's.
Several of my relatives have seen some in their house in Ohio. A former tenant of this same house moved to Oklahoma to escape it. One day she walked into her kitchen and saw it standing there. I once dated a girl who saw one with three friends on Pine Mountain one stormy night. She said it was blacker than black. Darker than the night. A deep pitch where absolutely no light was able to penetrate. I, myself, saw one with my best friend outside his neighbor's apartment back in the day. It saw us and quickly jumped behind a beam. We looked for it, but it had vanished.
What was it? Some people have said it was a ghost. Others, imagination. The research that I have done points to these things being called "Shadow People". They seem to exist in a little known group all unto itself. What they are, might be, and if they really exist is open to speculation (except for skeptics).
The most interesting thing about them to me, besides how weird the whole thing is, is that they have been seen by several people at the same time....multiple witnesses...

- Chew

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