Monday, July 13, 2009

Too Dark Park

I would give anyone a cookie who caught the reference in the title of this posting. But you're too late. I ate all of the cookies. They were those oreo double stuf chocolate cremes. They are like crack. Real good with your coffee. Real Good. MMMMMMMMMMM.....
This image is that of a typical inner city park. It's not the large foresty kind like Golden Gate Park, Central Park, or the Grunewald. It's basically just a square for people to gather. The attempted inclusion of trees, however, has deemed it as a "green space". I suppose that there was some sort of grant money, or some political thing where, in order to get moneys for this park, it must be "greeeen". Well, they tried. But due to all of the pollution, the sapplings died. Plus, there's all sorts of weird funguses and mildews and parasites and rots and bugs in this new hothouse of a world. So something killed them.
Anyways, as you can see, there are a lot of vagrants who gather in these public spaces during the day. It's a park, right? And they're not allowed to sleep they have lookouts to let everyone know when the cops are gonna make a bust. But when do they? Many times, if you do'nt see them, they'll drive on by. Bigger fish to follow, I guess. Some private parks will have their own security. This is obviously not one of those.
On the wall in the back are those virtual monitors I mentioned in an earlier post. It's a joke from a college English course. The other one is a secret message in a well known Asian language.
Down below, the usual tomfoolery of homeless people. They will be thrown out of the city one at a time. That time is almost upon them. Because of corruption and apathy, they've been allowed to linger a little too long. What no one realizes is that behind the scenes...way up high in the confines of the government (a shadow government at that! Hey, late 90's here...pre-Sept.11) a coup has taken place. The zealots are now gaining control (sounds like what's been happening recently in Iran! You get the idea, there's been a shift...but in this case, it was unnoticed).
This leads the readers, and the story, into...The Fill (which now has a different name...a secret name).
So, basically, there is alot of conspiracy stuff, urban legends, fear, prejudice/racism, religious ideology/upheavals, science fiction turning into fact (global warming and hybrids), along with crumbling empires that form the backstory of Mandarins.

- Chew

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