Sunday, July 5, 2009

SF special treats

These are a couple of pics from my San Francisco trip. The top is from a secret location. The bottom is me and my sister Melanie at a reception for a dude who was just having a big spread published in Juxtapoz magazine. Too bad you ca'nt see Alan, Kent, and Mark who were also in our group (K. took the photo). We were all a little drunk. Later, we went to this place called the Art Cafe, or something like that, where they were playing this Latino booty music...alla the girls were hopping around in this hot and sweaty morass of bodies. YO!!! We also ate Ethiopian food at Club Waziema. Totally rad. The girls at the bar were sweet!
This post came a little late cuz I was having probs with my computer. Plus, after I returned, I ended up getting sick with a severe head cold...followed by baaaaaad allergy symptoms. So here it is. Dear Globbies, I present to you...the one and only...San Francisco.
P.S!!! When and if you go, be sure to stop by the Cartoon Museum of Art on Mission Street! I liked it alot. They had a Stan Sakai exhibition that was suh-weet. Totally rocked!
If I lived there, I would probably donate some of my free time to help them out (they work on a volunteer basis. They are a very small museum). Go check them out and support our brothers and sisters in the cause!

- Chew

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