Sunday, July 5, 2009 word. It's time for another post!

So, what IS happening out there? That is a very good question. I'm glad you asked it. Well, first of all, it is the Fourth of July holiday weekend. I am still housesitting. The cat crapped on the floor because he's mad that the cat litter is'nt to his satisfaction. I am still very angry about that. I am getting hungry and light headed right now. The dog wants to go for a walk, but it's about to rain and there are too many people in the park. Plus, I am light headed and need to eat now, so she's outta luck.
Did I mention that I am light headed? Well, I am.
There were so many ways to take the panel after Jeff's last one. Again, this seems to be a recurring theme with me...I opted not to follow the obvious route and show what Klepto could be doing to the Cretin. Plus, I felt my panel to be too small for the stuff I was thinking of. I really did want to get back to those pirates. Now, as in my last panel, the scenario widens!

Yeah, poor Jeff. He's had a tough week. I believe it's reflected in his last post. I remember that episode he mentioned from college (I acted like I did'nt, but I did). That still stings, does'nt it? Ahhh...yes! I remember the pain of those college days, just like it was from last week! Some people get under your skin like an infection that never heals. Let's all give a cheer to chronic wounds!
This is sympathy....

- Chew

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