Thursday, July 9, 2009

Shanks a lot

Well, I just finished watching Zombie Holocaust along with my meal of a personal microwave pizza and a Celebrator (that's an expensive beer with a high alcohol content! i just need one...then i'm done). What a crappy movie. It is a total ripoff of Fulci's Zombie as well as Slave of the Cannibal God. Much sillier (and tamer) than C.Ferox. I'm sooo glad I own this movie!
Well, I felt that Jeff's breakthrough panel in Flex 2 has been the watering scene. That's the one where Klepto urinates on his master's other leg. The formalistic panels have been utilized and now it's time to have fun! I feel the same way about this panel. This was the first one of mine that truly made me laugh. I like a couple of the other ones that I did...but this is the first that i really ENJOYED.
Wow, that's some high alcohol content. It was a simple matter of having fun with this one. I think that the panel that Jeff did after mine, then my response to proof that we are probably going to get in trouble for something because it's starting to get really, really crazy. And I do'nt mean like you have just fallen into a pit of pit vipers crazy, but you've stumbled into a dark alley at 3 in the morning and the figures skulking around you are not gangbangers but clowns-kinda crazy. What's gonna happen now? Is that really a shoe??? Oh somebody stop me!!!

- Chew

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