Tuesday, May 26, 2009

C'mon dude, Ask her already!

So, let me first direct an outburst towards you. Whilst attempting to upload this image, a cockroach climbed out from behind the picture on the wall above the computer and down towards my beer. Infuriated, I tried to kick the roach on the wall kung-fu style. First, however, I had to move my beer. That, unfortunately, enabled the roach to get away from my lightning kick stylee. Dang.
The question was: what is the logical approach to take with this story? My instinct was to get Fanny Ho-Ho and Hippalonia together. Actually, the very first panel in which she was introduced, I wanted to get the two of them together. There have been many couplings throughout this story thus far. This has been the only one to go the way I wanted it to: very easily and cheaply! I love the absurdity of the whole thing. Originally, I just had the two of them and Marcolm's bee, but for some reason it seemed to want more. So I added in the Lutrian envoy, Hirgen.
The other approach I could have taken was that of the Princess and the Dragon. That seemed a little heavy-handed. To deepen the gag between them, I thought it better to leave them alone. That is that. My last panel!
I still have'nt found that cockroach yet...

- Chew

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