Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Light!

Looking back at it...not one of my favorite panels. It was supposed to 1) Get the Fellowship into the darkened corridors of the castle 2) Create a certain amount of tension because you just know that something is waiting for them in the dark. Since you know what it might be waiting to see how they respond. 3) Take a nod at Jeff's "ribbit" panel. This creates a certain level of visual continuity within the confines of the story, as well as building up a momentum towards that eventual finality. I'm not sure if that came across, but it is what I had going on inside of my skull. 4) Parody the Lord of the Rings, when the Fellowship entered into the Mines of Moria and discovered the grisly fate that case, the dwarves, in this...well, we shall see wo'nt we?
All in all, I feel like the panel did out what it was set to do. Not my best all seemed very clinical, and somewhat necessary. My little "sacrifice" for the panels that lie ahead. I believe my next panel, the one after the next-next one that Jeff has done is my favorite. And yes, it more than makes up for this one in the squinty eye of my mind's eyeball.

- Chew

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