Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Poor Hrinklestaff. Alas, we knew him well.

This panel posed an interesting problem. Matt's three panels build tension and it's left up to me to finish the gag. I can't prolong the sequence because...well, it would just be too drawn out and the whole thing would lose...momentum. If I focus on the gag entirely, the whole thing comes to a stop and we lose...rhythm. So here's the solution: A gag and a call to action! This way, Chew can lead the fellowship anywhere and/or nowhere (cause I really have no idea where he's going to take this next) and the progression of his next panel makes sense. There was room for the fellowship in the background but any detail back there and the panel becomes too busy and no one would pay attention to poor Hrinklestaff and Fandalf. And that's why you have silhouettes with eyeballs.

Ribbit. Ribbit.

And soon, there shall be none...

-Jeff Tuffenstuff

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