Sunday, May 10, 2009

Shhhhh...Shut yo' mouth

Fandalf sure likes to talk doesn't he? This is my take on Chew's Dwarf Hrinklestaff shown in an earlier panel. The panel ended up being a complete set-up gag for Chew. I'm trying out a new crosshatch inking pattern in the background that's essentially three lines going one way and three going the other, forming a crosshair square. The squares are then overlapped to form a pattern that eventually fades into a solid black. The crosshair squares have a rythmic quality, more so than any pattern that I've used before. Incredibly boring, I'm sure. But this pattern will come up again and again. I'm trying to get to a point where I use only three patterns when I ink and this will be one of them. I think I've settled on the second but I'm looking for a third...I have this notion that by limiting the amount of patterns in an inked drawing, I can create greater depth than by using every single crosshatch and dotted pattern out there. The exact opposite of me, of course, and the exception of this newly imposed rule of mine, is Chew. Where I try to create value (in terms of color, in this case--black and white), Matt uses different inking patterns and crosshatch effects to create texture. I wish you guys could see some of Chew's originals to see what I'm talking about. His drawings have layers upon layers of brushed lines and strokes. As in all things art related, there is no right or wrong. Just what works for the individual artist (or cartoonist).

Please excuse the rant. I got giddy about squares. Chew will show what happened to Hrinklestaff in the next post.

-Jeff Tuffenstuff

By the way, I just saw the Star Trek movie...and I think it was...okay. Not great, not bad, just okay. With the prices of the movies going up recently here, I haven't seen a movie that was worth the ticket price. I not condeming the Star Trek franchise, I just expected more. Okay, I'm really ranting now and it's time for me to stop.

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